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 We have been installing this product close to 35 years and we are now sharing our history and our expertise with contractors. Our team wants our installers to succeed and we offer support to all of our professional installers. From day one, we will help you understand how Rubaroc® works, how to close on hard to get sales, and train you at our corporate facilities. Our goal is to provide you with as much useful information from our years of experience to include Sales, Installations, and In house Training.

What our clients have to say

Rubaroc Sells itself and generates a lot of interest once people have seen an installation.

Rob Reeve Southwest Safety Surfacing

It’s an excellent product by a premier company that firmly believes in supporting its dealers to the fullest extent.

Matt Sadl C&M Concrete

Being part of Rubaroc is not just being part of a dealer network, it’s being part of a family!

Paul & Becky Van WylickFlexPro Surfacing


Join our team of professional installers and see what Rubaroc can do for your business!

We understand you may have questions

We understand that you have questions about our system, how it works, where we got started and how Rubaroc is able to offer contractors the package that we advertise. In the section below, we have broken down each one of our benefits and tried to answer as many questions as possible. If we missed something, please feel free to contact us directly via our Contact Page

Rubaroc® has the benefit of almost 35 years of installation history. We have installed Rubaroc in about every single environment you can imagine. With worldwide travel for install and high profile projects we have seen it all. We give you as much useful information from those years of experience as we can. From the sales to install to general management of your business, we prepare you to be the most successful installer you can be. Our 2-day Training is extremely comprehensive. We go over a multitude of different aspects of the industry in depth in our in-class portion and we go through a wide range of situations in our hands on section of the training in day 2. This will prepare you to go out and get selling! From this point forward we are available any time for e-mails and phone conversations about your projects with any questions you may have.

Training to sell and install Rubaroc is one of the best values out there!  We are not a franchise and therefore have no fees, no quotas, and no reporting.  The training is scalable to meet your requirements and we are accommodating with a variety of options.  Its best to call the office nearest you for details on how to get the training to get you up and running.

Rubaroc® makes and distributes all of its own products. We have specified the most durable products on the market and we stand by them with our warranties. We have fortified and upgraded our chemical process many times over the past 35 years putting our product right at the leading edge of this technology. We have the highest grade EPDM available as well as the most UV and chemical stable rubber and resins on the market. We have formulated our products to adhere to multiple different markets. We offer several types of urethane and 3 types of granule.

Our brand originated in Dallas Texas in 1983 when we invented the pool deck industry by doing the first rubber pool deck in the world. This project in Garland Texas is still there to this day. We have done jobs for many high profile clients and celebrities over the years and have thousands of happy customers. As an installer you are able to utilize this history in selling to your clients. We are happy to provide references to help you sell projects as well from some of our high-end hotels to theme parks and athletic facilities.

Other products on the market have a proven failure rate when it comes to high traffic and harsh climates. Others boast a better composition but yet have only been around for a short period of time therefore there is no proof that they last. Most products look good when first applied but Rubaroc® stands the test of time. We have products down for over 30 years. This product works and we can prove it!

Rubaroc® offers some of the highest profit margins in any coating business. With our sales and installation processes we have high margins and fast turn around time for a truly durable product. Please inquire with a Rubaroc® sales specialist for pricing sheets and case studies.

 We have beautifully designed brochures and catalogs that are modern, informative and pleasing to the eye so no additional design work is needed to convey your message. All these materials are available for you to use in your marketing campaigns!

We offer several types of granules and urethane.  All for different applications and environments. We have installed various types of applications with this product to provide us with the knowledge & experience to know what works best in certain situations. We have a start to finish comprehensive installation manual that will guide you through every step of the process. Other companies may offer you rubber and resins but no other company will offer you comprehensive information on the situation you are in from a position of experience and help you navigate it quickly and safely.

To accommodate our influx in business, we have two corporate offices including distribution centers. Both Dallas Texas & Ontario Canada are set up and available to provide you with our proprietary materials. Our administrative & warehouse staff is thoroughly experienced to make your ordering & shipping process, a smooth one. We distribute materials to the entire United States & Canada.

You can be assured that your product is coming from inside North America and if there is ever a problem we will deal with it quickly and decisively. Not from another country.

A high level of traffic to our website yields a steady rate of leads for our Rubaroc® installers. People looking for Rubaroc® products love to know that they have a local contractor near by that can take care of them. We would like you to be as successful as possible. Another method of lead forwarding is through phone calls to our head offices. We will ensure that you receive any inquiries for your area.

There are no large machines to operate this business. In fact there is only one; a 3/4 horse power mortar mixer. Other than some hand tools there is no required machinery or warehousing for this product. Rubaroc companies can be run extremely inexpensively and efficiently.

We have been opening rubber surfacing businesses all over the world for almost 35 years. We know exactly how to cost and budget whether you are starting off small or large.

ASTM regulations and product specifications are a large part of this industry. We have Architecture and Design Representatives that specifically go out and get this product specified on projects so that when designers need a large commercial project done, they specify the product on the job and find a local contractor to install it.

We pay to have these types of leads come in and they are typically extremely lucrative. We offer these projects to you with our supervision to boost your company and the product awareness.

The best thing about this product is that it works extremely well! What better benefit can you have to a business than selling a product that people genuinely love. We have been surprising, impressing, and delighting people with our products for a very long time and we can tell you first hand. It’s a great feeling to sell a great product that truly benefits the lives of people every day. This product makes the world a safer place in a sustainable manner. But the safety factor isn’t the end of it.

There are many benefits of the product that make the value of Rubaroc® unbelievably high. Some of which include -Non Slip -Comfortable to Walk On -Goes Right Over Top of Old Cracked Concrete -Impact Resistant -Beautiful -Chemical/UV Stable -Anti-fungal -Long Lasting -Heat Dampening -Flexible -Seamless -Design Capable -Noise Dampening… Just to name a few. The list of benefits sufficiently outweighs competing products. Once established in an area the value is easy to portray.

Rubaroc® has many contractors across North America but has relatively no competition. Although we have been installing this product for almost 35 years the awareness of the product is still in its infancy stages. This means that you have the opportunity right now to be the first to market. There are a lot of competitors in a lot of different industries. From landscaping to tile to coffee shops, everyone has a competitor that’s worth their salt in the industry. We however, have few and far between. The pool deck market alone is estimated at an $11 Billion dollar market. That’s without all the other things you can do with Rubaroc®

The multitude of different markets that this product can be used for is almost endless. It goes over top of pretty much anything and can handle some pretty intense situations. Marketing is all about getting your name out in the industry. Rubaroc® provides multiple different industries to put your name in. From residential pool decks to day cares, to restaurants, playgrounds, patios, walkways, driveways, garage floors you name it. Each and every one of you could focus on and make a good living. Why not try all of them. We will show you how.

Rubaroc® is a licensing opportunity. Not a franchise. This means that we cannot issue nor limit you to an area of your choosing through payment of any sort. Meaning we don’t protect an area for you…but we also do not confine you to an area.

You have the choice to do work anywhere you wish in the world. Just depending on how fast you grow, we think being limitless is a much better solution than protection of an area. There is one up front fee for Rubaroc® that is it. No royalties or hidden charges. Just one fee to become a contractor and your set for life!

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